Zoom Classes with Ethan and Charmelle

Starting April 17, 2020

Class Details

Starting April 17, 2020

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00am
Ashtanga Mysore



Drop in: ₱ 500
4 consecutive classes: ₱ 1520
16 consecutive classes: ₱ 3800


For more details and to sign up for class, please email Ethan or Charmelle at ethanashtanga@gmail.com or charmelle.yoga@gmail.com or send a direct message to Ethan or Charmelle on their IG accounts.

As always, in the Mysore classes you will be given verbal instructions and specific personal cues to support your practice at home.

For Led class you will be guided with the Sanskrit count through every vinyasa of the primary sequence.

You are encouraged and expected to do self practice on the days that we don’t have class, relying on your knowledge of your sequence and your own dedication to this practice.

If you would like to join Zoom classes with Charmele and Ethan, please get in touch directly via email or social media DM to sign up.

You will be directed to a registration page on the Zoom platform, with specific signup details.

Payment will be received via PayPal before class starts.

To use Zoom:
-Download the app and sign up for free
-Click “Join Meeting”
-Enter the provided Meeting ID and Password
-Please keep yourself on mute unless you are speaking.