The Pilates of Ashtanga Yoga

Balance & Control Fitness Center

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Wednesdays 2:00pm to 3:00pm



P1,500 per class


Balance & Control Fitness Center
Unit 107 Southgate Bldg. Finance Drive,
Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa City

In response to recent developments, we have decided to temporarily suspend ALL classes until further notice.

Many come to yoga for fitness. Some come for stress relief. Others to address body issues such as back pain. All roads that lead to yoga are good.

The feeling of wellness after an hour and a half or so of continuous movement and conscious breathing is undeniable. The days after are the same often coupled with increased strength, flexibility, capped with an open mind ready to tackle the day ahead.

What could go wrong with a body healthy and strong, able to handle most tasks mental and physical?

Physical limitations.

There comes a point in the upward arc of practicing yoga that the lower back may become sore, the shoulders and neck become tight, worse yet pain knifes deep or tears in the muscles mark a temporary stay and a pose can no longer be done or must be modified. Of course there are those naturally gifted and able to access strength intuitively that enable their bodies to go the distance in their yoga practice.

So what about the majority of those that suffer pain or discomfort or just want to do yoga intelligently in a way that enhances strength and flexibility? What about most of us that are stuck in bad habits because the body will do what it needs to do to get into a pose? And what about those that see no end in sight and feel that their body can only go so far because they are not as strong or flexible as the mat mate who finishes an entire series of poses without the hardship or long hours required by most?

Consider a different approach to yoga. Consider that there may be another way, another route to do something you’ve done so many times, differently. Something you’ve done over and over again and yet does not seem to get you from point A to B no matter what.

Romana Pilates is a traditional practice much like Ashtanga yoga with basic core principles. ‘The focus is primarily on the “powerhouse”, the girdle of strength that includes the abdominal and lower back muscles, the pelvic floor, muscles around the hips and the buttocks. Increasing core strength keeps the body balanced and is essential in supporting the spine’ (IBAPILATES.COM).

Cindy Valdez, a Romana Pilates certified instructor since 2004, will breath new life into your Ashtanga yoga practice as she stresses the powerhouse point of view. You will not only understand where to access strength and flexibility in a pose, you will come into and out of a pose using muscles to achieve dynamic movement, lightness of limbs, and best of all, a way to hold oneself with integrity so you are less prone to injury.

Class will be limited to 8 students. Please bring a mat. Message or text to reserve.