Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to class?
Please bring your water bottle and a small towel. We have yoga mats, blocks and other props for you in the studio but you may bring your own yoga mat or yoga towel.

During workshops, it is best to bring you own mat. If you are travelling and need one, please let us know ahead of time so we can reserve one for you.

What do I wear?
Please wear light, non-restrictive clothing – a comfortable top (exercise shirt or tank top) and exercise pants (jogging pants or shorts). We practice barefoot in the studio so no need for special footwear.

Do I need to book my slot in advance?
Except for special workshops and special classes (Yoga for Children with Special Needs), there’s no need to reserve your slot for regular classes.

What time should I arrive in the studio?
Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class starts. If this is your first class and/or if you have some questions for the teacher, please send us an SMS to make sure the teacher arrives 15 minutes earlier.

How often should I practice?
Ideally, it would be best to practice at least 2 to 3 times a week. However, work with your schedule and develop the commitment from there.

How long should I wait after eating before I practice?
It is best to practice on an empty stomach. 4 hours after a heavy meal and an hour or two after a snack.

I have a special condition, should I tell the teacher?
Yes please inform the teacher before class. There may be some modifications or poses that may be more suitable for certain conditions.

I am a beginner and not very flexible, which classes can I join?
We offer Ashtanga Mysore and Slow Flow classes which are open to all levels and are beginner-friendly. Modified poses will be offered as needed. For more information on our classes visit our class information page.

Some Reminders


  • You may ask questions or inform the teacher of any special conditions.
  • Check that your gadgets are on silent mode and vibrating option turned off to avoid distraction.



  • Come in quietly and please be mindful of those practicing as you enter.



  • Use your breath as your guide. Pause and allow some time to relax if your breath has quickened or if you feel faint or light-headed.
  • Enjoy your practice!



  • Roll your mat quietly.
  • Maintain silence or speak quietly. Bask in the tranquility a little longer.
  • Check that the shoes and slippers you have on are yours.