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During Self-Practice classes, students are given the space and time to develop their practice without the assistance of a teacher. What often happens is regular students that practice together may even adjust or help each other out. This class allows the student to deepen their practice without the usual distractions of practicing at home.

Slow Flow Yoga integrates the breath in both moving poses and seated meditation. The class aims to relax and balance the mind and body; thereby boosting energy levels with poses held for an extended period of time facilitating a deeper release. This class is ideal for beginners, people with injuries, for the elderly, for those […]

Vinyasa Flow is a system of yoga where the movement is synchronized with breath to create flowing sequences of poses and transitions. Each movement corresponds to either an inhale or an exhale, with the breath initiating the movement. The class explores various poses at no set sequence, focusing on a certain theme each time such […]